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Our Approach

The breakdown of a marriage can be extremely stressful, emotional and confusing. Often clients do not know where to begin or what to expect. In this regard we like to advise our clients at the outset of the various approaches they can take in trying to resolve their differences:

Collaborative Law

Couples work together with their lawyers in 4-way meetings to try to resolve their issues and reach a settlement without going to Court. This process is regulated.


Couples will meet with a mediator, who is a neutral third party, to discuss their issues. The mediator is not able to give legal advice.

One to One negotiations

Couples sit together to discuss their issues and to reach agreements on their own.

Lawyer to Lawyer

Lawyers assert their positions for their clients and may threaten court action. Very often court action is taken. This can become costly and is a more aggressive approach, which could lead to court litigation.


Arbitration is similar to court litigation except it is done privately with an arbitrator skilled in the area at issue and completed in a time frame that works with the arbitrator and the parties’ schedules rather than at the Court schedule. A binding decision is the result. The process is faster and potentially less expensive than the Court option.

Court -- We are experienced courtroom advocates.

Court litigation is when a Judge makes a decision in matters relating to children and finances when the parties cannot reach an agreement. This approach can be very costly, stressful, bitter and drawn out. However, for some, none of the alternatives listed above can work.

Decide which approach is right for you….

Clients decide which approach is best for them, recognising that all options are available at MacLellan & Associates