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Estate Planning and Administration

Wills, Powers of Attorney, Letters of Administration and Probate

We are experienced in all aspects of wills, estate planning and estate administration.

Did you know that Divorce and Marriage will have an impact on your will? Learn how to plan for any eventuality to insure your wishes are carried out as you have planned.

Some important points to consider when making a will are:

  • The appointment of an Executor that you trust
  • Decide what provisions should be made for your children's care
  • Who will receive your assets
  • How to minimize stamp duty payable on the value of your assets

If you are entrusted with administering the estate of a deceased loved one let us help you with the details. We can assist you in applying for the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

Our services are confidential and can assist in eliminating the stress that often accompanies estate settlement.